This SPR-10.5 C9 Pistol is chambered in 9mm.
This platform is built on a 10.5" M4 Profile 41v50 barrel with a 1/2X36 thread pitch.
Our C9 platform is Colt Compatible allowing you to run your existing colt 9mm magazines.
Our 9mm Carriers go through a R.E.M Polish process prior to Nitride coating. The R.E.M Polish process reduces friction, improves part durability, improves oil retention, and improves contact & bending fatigue. Our 9mm Bolt Carrier Groups are Colt and Glock interchangeable
This pistol comes equipped with a Law Tactical GEN3 Folder. While the Folder does add cost, it give you the ability to reduce the overall length while concealing during transportation.
Our pistols run a fully adjustable 45/90 degree short throw safety selector and an extended magazine release to give you that perfect feel. Our charging handle is fully Ambi giving you complete control from either side.
This rifle runs our TYPE-A PMC Two-Stage Trigger. Constructed from pre-hardened 4140 this trigger is coated in Nickel Teflon to fight against friction and to ensure lubricity. The PMC Two-Stage Trigger ships at 1 1/2 reset to 3 1/2 trigger pull.




Quick Specs

CALIBER: 9mm (Colt Mags)
CLASSIFICATION: Pistol w/SB A3 Brace  & Law Tactical Folder
GAS SYSTEM: Blowback
TRIGGER: 2-Stage
MUZZLE: ASR Suppressor Ready
BCG: QPQ W/R.E.M Polish
OVERALL LENGTH: 21″ Threads to Buffer Tube (folded)
FIRE SELECTOR: Ambi-Short Throw Adjustable
WEIGHT: Classified



We had two things in mind when it came to the redesign of the SPR GEN3 Platform; weight reduction and functionality.  Our first improvement started with functionality on the lower receiver components.  We moved away from standard mil-spec components, upgrading to a ambi billet adjustable 90°/45° short throw fire selector, extended billet magazine release, improved pivot/breakdown pins, and most importantly stainless steel detents/springs/roll pins/trigger pins/etc.  Our second functionality improvement came from the upper receiver and since we were on a mission to make this rifle semi ambidextrous, we decided to upgrade to an ambi charging handle.  The next upgrade came in the form of weight reduction on the front end.  We made some weight improvements on our all new GEN3 SPR/9.875 handguard by opening up the offsets to accept M-LOK attachments and off-setting an optional 45° QD M-LOK insert towards the backend of the handguard.

This TYPE-A SPR-10.5 is built on our all new C9 lower platform with upgraded mil-spec components to make it an incredibly versatile firearm. The SPR-10.5 Pistol is equipped with a 10.5″ vanadium alloy steel barrel (for weight reduction) and a SPR/9.875 GEN2 MLOK Handguard with a SILENCERCO ASR flash hider to give it that aggressive stance. Fully furnished with MAGPUL furniture, SB A3 pistol brace, Law Tactical Folder,  and 33 round capacity magazines. The TYPE-A SPR-10.5 Pistol is driven by our TYPE-A QPQ coated bolt carrier group w/R.E.M. Polish. This BCG is both Colt and Glock compatible.  It’s also equipped with our improved TYPE-A PMC Straight 2-stage trigger to give it consistent reliability time after time.

NOTE:  All of our pistols are Hardcoat Anodized and then Cerakoted to give you a longer lasting more durable finish.  We wanted your rifle to wear to the anodized finish vs. the raw aluminum surface.  Just another added benefit making your rifle….TYPE-A.

Colors Available (Shown in Hardcoat Anodized Black)

  • Magpul™ Flat Dark Earth (H-267Q)
  • Sig™Dark Grey (H-210Q)
  • Noveske™ Bazooka Green (H-189Q))
  • Tungsten (H-237Q)
  • Magpul™ Olive Drab (H-232Q)




  • Caliber: 9mm (Colt Mags)
  • Length: TYPE-A 10.5″ Lightweight Contour Barrel
  • Material: 41v50 Vanadium Alloy Steel
  • Twist Rate: 1:10 twist
  • Finish: Nitride Finish
  • Thread: 1/2×36
  • Muzzle Device: SILENCERCO ASR Flash Hider – 1/2×36


  • Platform: SPR GEN3 Precision Machined 7075-t6 Aluminum Upper Receiver with Extended Feed Ramps
  • Finish: Option
    • Black – MIL-A-8625, Type-III, Class 2
    • Color – Type-III Anodizing with Cerakote Ceramic Coatings
  • Charging Handle: TYPE-A Ambi Charging Handle


·      CARRIER:
    • Semi-Auto Bolt Carrier
    • Grade 8 Hardened Fasteners
    • Coating: QPQ
    • Case Hardened & Shot Peened
    • Extractor (Fully Assembled)


  • Platform: SPR C9 Precision Machined 7075-t6 Aluminum Lower Receiver – Colt
  • Finish: Option
    • Black – MIL-A-8625, Type-III, Class 2
    • Color – Type III Anodizing with Cerakote Ceramic Coatings
  • Trigger: TYPE-A PMC 2-Stage Straight Trigger (3.5lb.)
  • Extension:Carbine 6-Position Buffer Tube
  • End Plate: TYPE-A QD Single Point End Plate (4140 Pre-Hard)
  • Fire Selector: TYPE-A Ambi Billet 90°/45° Adjustable Short Throw Selector
  • Magazine Release: TYPE-A Extended Billet Mag Release
  • Lower Parts: Stainless Steel and Aluminum Detent/Springs


  • Platform: Option
    • TYPE-A SPR/9.875 GEN3 Ultra Lite M-LOK Handguard (8.3 oz.)
  • Finish: Option
    • Black – MIL-A-8625, Type-III, Class 2
    • Color – Type-III Anodizing with Cerakote Ceramic Coatings


  • Stock: SB TACTICAL SB A3 Pistol Brace – BLK
  • Folder: LAW TACTICAL GEN3 Folder – BLK
  • Grip: MAGPUL MOE® K2+ Grip – BLK


  • Magazine: 33 Round Stick Magazine ASC
  • Soft Case: 36″ Single Rifle Case
  • ****please note: All NFA rules apply. Please check with your local state laws.
  • ****Please note: Optic & Can not included

Colors Available (Shown in Hardcoat Anodized Black)

  • Magpul™ Flat Dark Earth (H-267Q)
  • Sig™Dark Grey (H-210Q)
  • Noveske™ Bazooka Green (H-189Q))
  • Tungsten (H-237Q)
  • Magpul™ Olive Drab (H-232Q)


Accessorizing your Rifle

"If you are new to the AR platform, be sure to figure out the main purpose of your rifle.  If you want to kit out your rifle with the sole intent of looking sexy in the mirror, then load it up.  If you don’t want to waste money, and get the best shooting experience out of your rifle, then consider the following: Start with optics.  Do you plan to run anything other than irons?  If so, mount the best quality optic you can afford.  If you use an optic (magnified or non-magnified), plan on mounting a backup sighting system…..such as offset irons.  Next, will this be a work or home defense gun?  If yes, you better throw a light on the rail.  There’s a million different options out there but be sure to pick one that meets your needs without taking up unnecessary real estate on your gun.  Also, will you be mounting a sling?  If you’re going to use the rifle, at all, you definitely want a way to hang it off your torso. I would consider anything beyond these accessories as extra. Spend some time behind your rifle and work on the basics.  From there, you can figure out what else you might want (vertical grips, different stock……..).  If it’s loaded down heavy to start, you’ll probably end up stripping stuff off the more you train with it.  Spending money on ammo is much more valuable than unused accessories."

- Jason Gady