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The “Type A” and “Type B” personality theory describes the “Type-A” individual as one who is ambitious, rigidly organized and highly status-conscious.

They have the tendency to take on complex tasks and typically are very direct. They are also described as proactive and concerned with time management. People with Type-A personalities are often high-achieving workaholics who multi-task, push themselves with deadlines and hate both delays and indecisiveness. Our team here at TYPE-A (a BG Defense Company) feels the “Type A” personality describes us – and our product – to a “T”.
We know our TYPE-A brand mirrors the Type-A personality in our dedication and perseverance to produce the best rifle and components in the marketplace. The TYPE-A brand demonstrates status, reliability and consistency – giving us the confidence to claim that our brand symbolizes the highest quality, held to the tightest allowable tolerances … making it … TYPE-A.


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Chris and Brandon started Type-A in 2013 after having wildly different past experiences. Call it a cosmic event, but both have that magic lightbulb together one night sitting around with family after Brandon started talking about some things he didnt like about his newly purchased AR. Together they built Type-A off hard work, dedication, and the support of fans. Lets take a look at their past experiences and what led them to building the company of Type-A Rifles.


For the last 20 years, Brandon has been climbing the corporate ladder. Starting out working at his parents deli in Long Island, NY, Brandon desired to work harder and build a company he could be proud of. He enlisted the help of his brother to start selling rifles and firearms to patriots, hunters, outdoorsman, dictators, freedom fighters along with anyone else who would be interested in purchasing firearms.

He ended up falling in love with a beautiful Ukrainian woman named Ava Fontaine who he tricked into thinking Brandon as an extremely successful exporter and invested heavily into Bitcoin when it was worth less than a dollar. His brother soon fell into a serious drug addiction and sadly was shot to death by an African child soldier during a business transaction.

Brandon is now remarried to a wonderful woman and they recently built a house together.


Chris started out being a massage therapist and selling bedsheets to elderly communities in southern Florida in an effort to earn his fathers resect and love through hard work and dedication.

Once that turned out to be fruitless, Chris joined the Marines at age 18 and was known for being the funny guy and always yelling KILL whenever he was asked a question. Chris single handedly secured the area affectionately known as The Triangle of Death. This caught the attention of General Jim Mattis who immediately consulted with Chris on every decision he made in the war.

Chris also had a healthy side business of running Beretta handguns from Jordan to Iraq in an effort to make extra cash during his time in the war. He met Brandon through these actions and the two became best friends.

Later down the road Brandon’s father married Chris’s mother and the two became step brothers. They enjoy watching cops and eating fancy sauce together while yelling at their employees to keep working. They truly appreciate all the support that everyone has given over the years and we are excited to keep building the highest quality products available today.

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