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Special Edition Package includes a Trijicon RMR, Optics Plate, SureFire X300, ANR Design LLC Holster, and two 20 round magazines.

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Introducing the all new QDS system from Ground Combat Solutions utilizing the new Law Tactical ARIC (AR Internal Carrier). Pistol & SBR configurations available.


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Customer Reviews

“Thank you for making an awesome rifle @ an affordable price.  I’ve been telling everyone about you guys.”

– David McCann

“Hey guys.  I just picked up an MRD/16 Hex from Barracks 616 this week.  I chose the MRD instead of the Daniel Defense that I was looking at just because you guys are local.  I’m absolutely in LOVE with it.  I put an Vortex Strike Eagle scope on it and I can’t wait for the weather to stop being bad so I can go out and shoot it.  They also had a SIPR/16 in stock, and I have to admit, I liked the CCS trigger in that rifle more than the Geissele in the MRD.  Do you sell that Trigger assembly on it’s own?  I would love to drop one in my MRD.”

– Jason Ross

“Hey guys, I picked up the 450 bushmaster from you guys a few months ago.  I ended up going with a Trijicon Accupoint for an optic.  All I can say is WOW.  I’m very impressed with the gun and how dead accurate it is!  It’s by far my most favorite gun and will be my “goto” gun for this years deer season.  At 100 yards I’m nailing quarter size groups with me messing around.  I’ll update you guys with some pictures and hopefully infield pictures for a full review, BG Defense, all I could do after shooting the gun with a smile.”  

– Phil Tran

“This is an amazing rifle. I have shot it in the rain, snow, heat, hail, and mud. I have shot in many different ways, and short of dumping sand or ice cream into the weapon, I dare say i have “torture tested” it. I have never, ever had a single issue with anything. The quality is amazing. The feel is amazing. The performance is amazing (which I can’t always say the same of my wife).

I have recommended this rifle many times, and I always will. Definitely worth the money. The customer service is unlike any other company.”

– Dan Williams

“This rifle came recommended from a local Grand Rapids shop. I have been highly satisfied with the rifle so far. It feels light and well balanced. Overall quality, craftsmanship, and finish are great. The trigger feels great and crisp. I had a minor issue with my trigger and the guys at BG defense showed me just how awesome there customer service was. They had my rifle looked at, repaired, and back in my hands in less than 24hrs. That type of customer service is hard to come by these day. These guys should be very proud of their Mitten made rifles, I am proud to own one.”

– Derek D.

“I purchased my gray Type-A SIPR 16 rifle from BG Defense after I was introduced to BG’s 450BM. Knowing the quality that went into that rifle, and what satisfaction it delivered to me from value, function, look, and feel perspectives I was eager to have a standalone BG 556 platform. As with the 450 the gun has done nothing but impress me. I’ve put +/- 1200 rounds through it and it’s performed fantastically. For the value out of the case, I don’t think there is a better AR on the market. I feel like I got a custom high end rifle for the cost of a midrange AR and I didn’t have to plan to obsolesce any parts. This gun is my new favorite range rifle, and the complimentary attention it brings is just icing on the cake. Thank you BG for making such a great platform / rifle, I’m a life-long newly minted brand advocate.”

– Jasnik Parmar

“Just got my TYPE-A from Southwicks and I have never been more impressed by throwing 20 rounds down range.  That’s all it took.  Great build.”  

– Kenneth Russell TerMeer

“As a previous reviewer noted, am new to the AR scene though had the rifle checked out by an experienced shooter. I’ve combined our comments into a single review in no particular order of importance. First, the rifle is well balanced and light even with the full handguard configuration. The upper and lower receivers have tight tolerances which enhances the feel of quality. The MBUS® GNE2 sights are simple, and easy to adjust. I’ve shot about +/- 500 rounds so far and the gun has performed flawlessly with minimal recoil. Lastly, the trigger has really nice feel to it.

Great job BG Defense…look forward to doing business with you in the future…btw, love that you’re local…”

– Tom B.

“Took my new foliage green Type A SiPR carbine to the range and it garnered a lot of attention. The fit and finish is top shelf. At 6.7lbs, its light. I Slapped a Vortex Razor red dot with American Defense 1/3 co witness QD mount and Megiddo M10 hands guards on it. I now have a “bad ass” personal defense weapon package just under 8lbs. At the range….the flat 2 stage trigger left zero desire to upgrade. I like it better than the Geissel 2 stage on my other boom stick. Bottom line. Its a great rifle, built here in Michigan and you should own one.”

– Jason Egan

“Being relatively new to the AR scene, this product came highly recommended from my local shop. Early assessment is that it exceeds expectations in every area. Easy to shoot, tight target groupings, no mis-feeds or other malfunctions, great trigger, and bad ass looks. Made in Grand Rapids, MI, so always good to support the local businesses. Shout out to Southwick’s for their recommendation and support.”

– Jeff Burleigh

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