16″ Standard + Rifles


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Made to Order
This Carbine is available in 5.56 NATO or 300 Blackout.
Our Uppers & Lowers are forged from 7075-T611 Aluminum.
Our 16" Direct Impingement Rifle run a carbine gas system for reliability and consistency. Mid Gas Systems available as well.
All of our Bolt Carriers go through a R.E.M Polish process prior to nitride coating. The R.E.M Polish process reduces friction, improves part durability, improves oil retention, and improves contact & bending fatigue. Our Bolts are MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected) and coated in a durable nitride finish.
Our pistols run a fully adjustable 90/70 degree short throw safety selector and an extended magazine release to give you that perfect feel. Our charging handle is fully Ambi giving you complete control from
We have now made adding an Adjustable Gas block easy with all of our Standard + Models.
This rifle runs our TYPE-A PMC Two-Stage Trigger. Constructed from hardened S7 Tool steel this trigger is coated in QPQ to fight against friction and to ensure lubricity. The PMC Two-Stage Trigger ships at 1 1/2 reset to 3 1/2 trigger pull.

Quick Specs

CALIBER: 5.56 NATO or 300BLK
HANDGUARD: 3 Options Available
GAS SYSTEM: Direct Impingement
GAS LENGTH: Carbine (5.56 NATO) or Pistol (300BLK)
TRIGGER: 2-Stage
MUZZLE: ASR Suppressor Ready
BCG: QPQ W/R.E.M Polish
FIRE SELECTOR: Ambi-Short Throw Adjustable



We had two things in mind when it came to redesigning the Standard + Model; weight reduction and functionality.  Our first improvement started with functionality on the lower receiver components.  We moved away from standard mil-spec components, upgrading to a ambi billet adjustable 90°/70° short throw fire selector, extended billet magazine release, improved pivot/breakdown pins, and most importantly stainless steel detents/springs/roll pins/trigger pins/etc.  Our second functionality improvement came from the upper receiver and since we were on a mission to make this rifle semi ambidextrous, we decided to upgrade to a ambi charging handle.  The next upgrade came in the form of weight reduction on the font end.  We offer the Standard+ models with three rail types including the SPR/15 Handguard, the SPR/13.5 Handguard and the MK/11.875 Handguard.  The last upgrade was to improve the overall gas flow by making improvements to our gas management system from front to back.

This TYPE-A 16″ Standard+ is built on a ridged Carbine rifle platform with improved lower components to make it an incredibly versatile rifle. The Standard+ Carbine is equipped with a 16″ QPQ vanadium alloy steel barrel (for weight reduction), an improved MLOK Handguard with a SILENCERCO ASR muzzle to give it that aggressive stance. Fully furnished with B5 furniture, and 30 round capacity magazines. The TYPE-A SPR-16 Carbine Rifles is driven by our TYPE-A QPQ coated bolt carrier group w/R.E.M. Polish.  It’s also equipped with a DGI (direct gas impingement) system and our new TYPE-A PMC Straight 2-stage trigger to give it consistent reliability time after time.

NOTE:  All of our rifles are Hardcoat Anodized and then Cerakoted to give you a longer lasting more durable finish.  We wanted your rifle to wear to the anodized finish vs. the raw aluminum surface.  Just another added benefit making your rifle….TYPE-A.

Colors Available (*Shown in Armor Black)

Note: Any H-Series Cerakote can be sprayed.  There is a $50 up-charge if the color is not in our stock.

  • Magpul™ Olive Drab Green (H-232Q)
  • Magpul™ Flat Dark Earth (H-267Q)
  • Noveske™ Bazooka Green (H-189Q)
  • Tungsten (H-237Q)
  • SIG™ Dark Grey (H-210Q)




  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO or 300 BLACKOUT (****Please Specify 5.56 NATO or 300BLK when ordering)
  • Length: TYPE-A 16″ Lightweight M4 Contour Barrel
  • Gas block: Improved Flow Micro .750 Gas Block (Removable) – QPQ Finish
  • Material: 41v50 Vanadium Alloy Steel
  • Gas System: 5.56 – Carbine Length or 300BLK – Pistol Length
  • Twist Rate: 1:7 twist
  • Finish: QPQ Nitride
  • Thread: 1/2×28 or 5/8×24
  • Muzzle Device: ASR Ready Muzzle Brake – 1/2×28 or 5/8×24

Upper Receiver

  • Platform: SPR GEN3 Precision Machined 7075-t6 Aluminum Upper Receiver with Extended Feed Ramps
  • Finish: Option
    • Black – MIL-A-8625, Type-III, Class 2
    • Color – Type-III Anodizing with Cerakote Ceramic Coatings
  • Charging Handle: TYPE-A Ambi Charging Handle

  • Bolt Carrie Group: TYPE-A QPQ w/REM Polish Bolt Carrier Group

  • Carrier:
    • Semi-Auto Bolt Carrier
    • Gas Key (Staked)
    • Gas Key Hardened to USGI Specifications
    • Grade 8 Hardened Fasteners
  • Bolt Assembly:
    • Case Hardened, Shot Peened & MPI Tested
    • Extractor (Fully Assembled)

Lower Receiver

  • Platform: SPR GEN3 Precision Machined 7075-t6 Aluminum Lower Receiver
  • Finish: Option
    • Black – MIL-A-8625, Type-III, Class 2
    • Color – Type III Anodizing with Cerakote Ceramic Coatings
  • Trigger: TYPE-A PMC 2-Stage Straight Trigger (3.5lb.)
  • Extension: 6-Position Adjustable Buffer Tube – Carbine Length
  • End Plate: TYPE-A QD Single Point End Plate (4140 Pre-Hard)
  • Fire Selector: TYPE-A Ambi Billet 90°/70° Adjustable Short Throw Selector
  • Magazine Release: TYPE-A Extended Billet Mag Release
  • Lower Parts: Stainless Steel/Aluminum Detents & Springs


  • Platform: Option
    • TYPE-A SPR/15 M-LOK Handguard
    • TYPE-A SPR/13.5 M-LOK Handguard (Denoted as “S” for Short)
    • TYPE-A MK-11.875 Full Quad Handguard (Denoted as “S” for Short)
  • Finish: Option
    • Black – MIL-A-8625, Type-III, Class 2
    • Color – Type-III Anodizing with Cerakote Ceramic Coatings


  • Stock: B5 Bravo Stock – BLK
  • Grip: B5 P-Grip – BLK

Accessories (Included w/Rifle)

  • Magazine: MAGPUL PMAG 30 AR/M Magazine
  • Soft Case: 36″ Single Rifle Case
  • Custom Modifications: Please Call/Email us for your custom variations.

Colors Available (*Shown in Armor Black)

Note: Any H-Series Cerakote can be sprayed.  There is a $50 up-charge if the color is not in our stock.

  • Magpul™ Olive Drab Green (H-232Q)
  • Magpul™ Flat Dark Earth (H-267Q)
  • Noveske™ Bazooka Green (H-189Q)
  • Tungsten (H-237Q)
  • SIG™ Dark Grey (H-210Q)


Firearm Type

Gas System



, ,

Barrel Length

  1. Jeff Burleigh

    Being relatively new to the AR scene, this product came highly recommended from my local shop. Early assessment is that it exceeds expectations in every area. Easy to shoot, tight target groupings, no mis-feeds or other malfunctions, great trigger, and bad ass looks. Made in Grand Rapids, MI, so always good to support the local businesses. Shout out to Southwick’s for their recommendation and support.

  2. Jason Egan

    Took my new foliage green Type A SiPR carbine to the range and it garnered a lot of attention. The fit and finish is top shelf. At 6.7lbs, its light. I Slapped a Vortex Razor red dot with American Defense 1/3 co witness QD mount and Megiddo M10 hands guards on it. I now have a “bad ass” personal defense weapon package just under 8lbs. At the range….the flat 2 stage trigger left zero desire to upgrade. I like it better than the Geissel 2 stage on my other boom stick. Bottom line. Its a great rifle, built here in Michigan and you should own one.

  3. Jasnik Parmar

    I purchased my gray Type-A SIPR 16 rifle from BG Defense after I was introduced to BG’s 450BM. Knowing the quality that went into that rifle, and what satisfaction it delivered to me from value, function, look, and feel perspectives I was eager to have a standalone BG 556 platform. As with the 450 the gun has done nothing but impress me. I’ve put +/- 1200 rounds through it and it’s performed fantastically. For the value out of the case, I don’t think there is a better AR on the market. I feel like I got a custom high end rifle for the cost of a midrange AR and I didn’t have to plan to obsolesce any parts. This gun is my new favorite range rifle, and the complimentary attention it brings is just icing on the cake. Thank you BG for making such a great platform / rifle, I’m a life-long newly minted brand advocate.

  4. Tom B.

    As a previous reviewer noted, am new to the AR scene though had the rifle checked out by an experienced shooter. I’ve combined our comments into a single review in no particular order of importance.

    First, the rifle is well balanced and light even with the full handguard configuration. The upper and lower receivers have tight tolerances which enhances the feel of quality. The MBUS® GNE2 sights are simple, and easy to adjust. I’ve shot about +/- 500 rounds so far and the gun has performed flawlessly with minimal recoil. Lastly, the trigger has really nice feel to it.

    Great job BG Defense…look forward to doing business with you in the future…btw, love that you’re local…

  5. James LaVanway

    This is my second ar type rifle I thought my first gun was awesome well there is a night and day difference the quality this carbine brings is top shelf I also love its made here in Michigan. When I go to the range am surrounded by envious shooters. My local gun shop in kazoo talked me into the best weapon I now own thanks for the great case too usually you get cardboard B G rocks im sure uncle ted has one. Please send me as much info you can on my type a sipr/16 carbine 5.56

  6. Derek D.

    This rifle came recommended from a local Grand Rapids shop. I have been highly satisfied with the rifle so far. It feels light and well balanced. Overall quality, craftsmanship, and finish are great. The trigger feels great and crisp. I had a minor issue with my trigger and the guys at BG defense showed me just how awesome there customer service was. They had my rifle looked at, repaired, and back in my hands in less than 24hrs. That type of customer service is hard to come by these day. These guys should be very proud of their Mitten made rifles, I am proud to own one.

  7. Dan Williams

    This is an amazing rifle. I have shot it in the rain, snow, heat, hail, and mud. I have shot in many different ways, and short of dumping sand or ice cream into the weapon, I dare say i have “torture tested” it. I have never, ever had a single issue with anything. The quality is amazing. The feel is amazing. The performance is amazing (which I can’t always say the same of my wife).

    I have reccomended this rifle many times, and I always will. Definately worth the money. The customer service is unlike any other company.

  8. Andrew

    Hello all,

    I wanted to take a little time to send an email about some of your rifles that I had purchased. I would’ve posted this on Facebook, but I’m one of the few of my generation that doesn’t have a social media account. (I know scary) My friends and family get on me about that. So maybe one day.

    Since November of 2016. I have purchased 4 of your rifles. 2 from Ann Arbor Arms. And 2 from George at gunslingers in Milford. And one of those 4 rifles. I gave to my cousin for his 18th birthday and high school graduation last month.

    So far we have both been very pleased with the rifles. And so has everyone that has been able to handle and shoot them. I even have long time friend of mine stationed in Georgia(Navy). Who is interested in getting one of your rifles. He shot one of mine and was pretty set on getting one. So keep an eye out. He should be reaching out to you. He also hails from our great state.

    I would put any of these rifles up against any of my Wilson Combat, Daniel Defense, or Colt rifles that I have. I will even say my Warsport. They are excellent in fit and finish. And the rifle bag/case you guys supply with the rifle. I don’t know how you get it all in at that price point. And still have those levels of quality. So what ever you are doing keep doing it.

    The employees at Ann Arbor Arms. Also had nothing but great things to say about you guys. And George at gunslingers. Who I purchase almost all my firearms (I have a 1911 addiction) from was also very impressed by your company and products. He said you were very responsive and easy to deal with. Which is rare these days. So kudos to you on that.

    Well if you made it to the end of my long email. Thank you for reading it. I’m happy to see there is a Michigan based AR company that has excellent products and services like yours. I can’t wait to keep shooting these rifles and help grow my cousins passion for shooting.

    Very impressed client,

  9. Anthony

    My top choices came down to Stag and Daniel defense. I was at my local range ready to order one of the two and then I seen a BG TYPE-A SIPR/16 GEN2 CARBINE on the Wall and immediately knew that was the one I was buying!
    Very well put together AR! Comfortable and lightweight. Shoots very nice.
    Actually at the range today and 3 other shooters ask if they can take a look at it.

    Thanks BG defense!
    I’m coming back for a 300blk 10.5!

  10. Shawn

    Took the Type-A out today and put it through some paces. I could not be happier with the decision of purchasing the Type-A. That is a high quality firearm. Great control and ran flawlessly. I usually run a Noveske Gen III in competitions, I believe I am going to start using the Type-A in the future. Trigger is perfect. I love the color. I think I need another one. Lol. Definitely am going to recommend you guys to friends looking to purchase. Thanks again!

    Shawn R.

  11. Gizlush

    Purchased the Type-A about a month ago finally got to shoot it last week. It is the best AR I have ever shot. Ran with no issues right out of the box, trigger is awesome. Almost no muzzle rise, just about all the recoil is straight back. I would recommend this rifle to anyone looking for a quality firearm!

  12. dpepper3

    I went to my local gun range (shout out to Ann Arbor Arms) with the intent to buy my first AR. I have been shooting pistols for about 4 years now, and wanted an AR to start looking at multi-gun tournaments. I originally went in looking at the Smith & Wesson M&P Sport II (my pistols are S&W) and the Ruger-556.

    The salesperson convinced me to up my budget a bit and go for the SIPR/16. While hesitant at first, I agreed and bought the BG.

    I cannot express how happy I am that I bought this gun. It outperforms many of my friends AR’s (including the S&W, Ruger, and Springfield Saint) in terms of comfort, overall build quality, and general reliability. It’s fun to shoot, comfortable, and has a great platform to get you past the basic AR model without completely killing your bank account.

    Every time I go shoot with buddies, they try it out and fall in love. And, being a Michigan resident, I am extremely happy this is a Michigan Made Product!

  13. TristanB13

    Ordered a pair of these rifles this summer. One was a 16″ in 5.56 Nato and the other was an 18″ in 350 Legend. Both rifles have operated flawlessly and are a blast to shoot. I would recommend these rifles to anyone looking for a quality AR. BG Defense will be my first stop when looking for rifles going forward

  14. spacelydigital

    I have about 5,000 rounds through this rifle in 5.56 running PMC 55gr ammo and havent had a single problem. Outperformed every other rifle I’ve used, keep it oiled up and this will be the most reliable gun you own. Would give 6 stars if I could!

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