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Quick Specs

CALIBER: 308 Win
Stock Composite
CAPACITY: 5 Rounds
ACTION: Bolt Action


In 2003, the Department Advanced Research Projects Agency started to work on a new bolt action rifle for the United States Marine Corps. Two years later the XM3 program started to take shape with a brand new bolt action rifle. With the help of Marine Scout Snipers, DARPA ended up putting a rough wish list together for their new rifle system.  When designing this new bolt action rifle, DARPA wanted a short action that had the ability to take a suppressor, was lightweight, and was capable of using night vision as well. They wanted to take their clip-on night vision off without needing to re-zero the optic every time. Along with the night vision requirement, DARPA also wanted better optics, better stocks and the ability to be suppressed. 


Development of the M40XM series began roughly in 2005 with the help of Iron Brigade Armory. With the list of requirements in hand, Iron Birade Armory started out with a Remington 700 action and made a number of changes to create the lightest, toughest rifle possible at the time. IBA made slight changes like making the barreled actions needed in a titanium Devcon and Marine Tex to allow for hard use while remaining as light as possible. IBA also had McMillian design a custom fiberglass stock for the project as well as NightForce with a special NXS 3.5-15×50 for the project. 


After 5 configurations of the XM project, IBA settled on the final XM3 configuration. One of the biggest challenges with the XM3 design was the barrel profile and length. The rifle had to be able to hold a 10” group at 1,000 yards but be light enough to maneuver easily. After trying out multiple contours and lengths, they settled on an 18.5” barrel with unique contouring to maximize accuracy while reducing weight. This project once started, was completed in just 12 months thanks to the outside help of Iron Brigade Armory instead of the typical government contracts that take years to complete. 

As a result of this project, the Marine Corps Precision Weapons Shop in Quantico, VA produced just 52 of these rifles with the XM3 designation. Seeing action overseas with our troops in Iraq from 2006-2012. In 2014, The Marine Corps transferred all of the XM3s to the US Army which then transferred them to the Civilian Marksmanship Program. These rifles sold for higher than anyone could expect but it was the first time in history, a complete US Government issued sniper rifle with documentation was available for purchase to the civilian public. 




  • Weight: 13lbs.
  • Action: M700
  • Barrel: 18.5″ OAL, 416R Match Grade Stainless Steel
  • Twist Rate: 1:10
  • Muzzle Device: CA762SSAl/RE Flash Hider or Griffin
  • Threaded Muzzle: 5/8 x 24
  • Bottom Metal: M5 Inlet
  • Trigger: Adjustable (Pull: 4-32 oz.)
  • Color: Molded in Olive
  • Finish: High Temp Cerakote™ – Armor Black
  • Stock: McMillan XM3
  • Recoil Lug: Integrated
  • Extractor: M16 style
  • Picatinny Rail: 20 MOA
  • UNS Mount: BCM22H 6061 Aluminum
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