Adjusting Your Gas

“If you’re running a rifle with an adjustable gas block, consider the following process for finding your sweet spot. First, close the gas port almost all the way. This means bottoming out the gas port screw and then backing off ¼ turn. Then insert a 1-round mag and fire. If the round doesn’t eject, open the gas port screw another ¼ turn and repeat. Continue this procedure until the casing ejects and the bolt locks back on the empty mag. Once you get good ejection and bolt lock open, open the gas port screw one more ¼ turn. This is your minimum setting for reliable function. Beyond this, you’ll want to group tune the rifle. Your barrel will group differently based on gas setting. If you’re selected ammo is performing good at your minimum setting, then great. If not, then try firing 3 round groups in ¼ turn increments up to 1 whole turn. You should find some improvement in this range.”

    -Jason Gady

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