Training – Physical Preparation

“This advice has less to do with the rifle and more to do with the operator.  Don’t forget the importance of breaking a sweat and elevating your heartrate every now and again.  You may be able to run your rifle like a demon on a static range, but if you have perpetual meat sweats and get winded after a flight of stairs, then don’t expect your shooting abilities to hold up when the time counts.  PT doesn’t have to be fancy and you don’t need to spend a fortune.  Start with an old duffel bag and fill it with enough sand to make it taxing to pick up off the ground.  Now take that bag and carry it for a distance.  Pick it up off the ground, load it to your shoulder, set it back down and repeat.  Take it a step further and heave it overhead for reps.  Search Youtube and you will find hundreds of movements to perform with just a simple sand-filled bag.  Bring it to the range and incorporate with live-fire drills…..that’s the pinnacle of fun.  Being in shape will do nothing but improve your shooting abilities.”

-Jason Gady

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