“Considering getting into an AR9?  Here’s some things to consider:

1) A PCC can broaden the scope of your training.  There are many ranges that don’t allow rifles but will allow handgun cartridges.  A PCC also allows you to train on steel much closer than you would with a traditional 5.56 or variant.

2) A shoulder-fired 9mm is a great rifle the whole family can enjoy.  There’s virtually no recoil and they’re much quieter than a traditional AR (even unsuppressed).

3) They’re relatively cheap to run.

4) PCC’s make great home-defense options.  Not saying there’s anything wrong with a 5.56 for home defense.  Just consider your environment, shot ranges, and round performance of possible misses (5.56 compared to 9mm through drywall, studs, and other building materials).  Noise may be another consideration.  If you run suppressed then either platform is no problem, however open muzzle indoors?  The 9mm is less likely to deafen someone.

5) They do not run as dirty.  Since a PCC is a blowback system, you won’t get the same carbon buildup as with a direct gas rifle.

6) There’s nothing more fun about shooting a 9mm from your shoulder.”

  • – Jason Gady

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