BG Defense Announces Upcoming Release of TYPE-A GEN3 SIPR

May, 1st, 2018  Grand Rapids/USA
Author: Intern 015

BG Defense Co., manufacturer of the TYPE-A Rifle, announces their release of GEN3 SIPR [sip-er].  

I had yet another chance to catch up for a quick Q&A with the co-founders of the company to gain insight on the release of their new GEN3’s.

Brandon Gerke;

Q: What was the reasoning behind the release of the new GEN3 model?

A: “It wasn’t a very hard decision to make.  We knew there were some areas of the SIPR line that could be improved.  We looked at three main criteria in terms of weight reduction, improved functionality, and ease of use .”

Q: What were the main changes that the customer(s) should expect to see on the GEN3 models?

A: “The most notable change was in the 15″ handguard.  We improved ascetics, reduced the overall weight, and add M-LOK inserts 2, 4, 8, and 10 o’clock positions.  The next improvement was on our charging handle and we knew we wanted to improve overall functionality.  We looked at several designs but we kept coming back to Radian’s Raptor LT charging handle.  It improved the overall weight criteria and drastically improved functionality.  The most notable change was in the fire selector.  We moved from a standard mil-spec fire selector to a billet adjustable 45º/90º short throw selector to give the rifle that final touch.  We also upgraded all the lower/upper components from steel to stainless steel as well .”

Q: Some customer(s) were disappointed that you no longer include back-up sights on the SIPR GEN3 models?

A:  “We had always struggled with procurement on the back-up sights since we started back in 2014.  It continued early into 2018 and kept us from shipping rifles for a period of several months.  We made the quick decision to take the budget and re-invest it into improvements.”

There you go guys!  Feel free to email me (Intern 015) at with any questions or request.





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