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25 in stock

25 in stock

Sales & Shipping Restrictions

This product can’t be sold or shipped to certain states due to local restrictions. For more details see our Sales & Shipping Restrictions page. However, if you are LE or Active Military please contact us for further assistance.


This Bolt Carrier Group’s critical component, the bolt, is coated with an advanced Nickel Boron while it’s carrier is coated with a QPQ with a R.E.M polished surface.   UTC’s EXO coated technology is a patented process that deposits a nickel boron (NiB) casting onto a metal surface giving that surface a permanent dry-lubricious material that is harder than the underlying substrate.  This dry-lubricious surface reduces friction, and dissipates heat so well that your parts will run cleaner & cooler without the constant lubrication.  Our BCG’s (Bolt Carrier Groups) are fully assembled, staked, and tested prior to shipment.  Our complete Bolt is case hardened, shot peened and MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) tested to assure consistency.

NOTE: Please stay away from solvent based cleaners when maintaining your firearm and components.


450 Bushmaster QPQ R.E.M Polish Carrier Group w/NiB Bolt

    • Material:  8620 Steel Carrier, 17-4PH Firing Pin
    • Type:  M16 Cut Carrier/Full Auto Rated
    • Coatings:  Carrier – QPQ w/R.E.M. Polish
    • Gas Keys: Hydraulically Staked & Hardened to USGI Specifications
    • Hardware:  Grade 8 Hardened Fasteners
  • BOLT
    • Material: Carpenter 158 Steel & Shoot Peened
    • Inspection:  MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected)
    • Testing: High Pressure Tested
    • Coatings: Nickel Boron


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