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TYPE-A 308 ASR Ready Dual Chamber Muzzle Brake


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16 in stock

16 in stock


Our standard 30 caliber muzzle brake is now available as a purchasable item on its own in. You guys have asked for it in the past so we have included it on the website now.


The ASR ready Muzzle brake is a two chamber system with a compensating chamber built into it. This 2-port muzzle brake is compatible with SilencerCo ASR Mounts.  The TYPE-A ASR Ready dual chamber brake will significant reduce muzzle rise along with felt recoil of the rifle.

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  1. rperry42 (verified owner)

    Best muzzle device I’ve used. That’s why I’ve purchased 2 of these and will be retrofitting all my other rifles with a BG Defense muzzle device…..when they are in stock.

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