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Made to Order
This firearm is available in 5.56 NATO or 300 Blackout. Please specify either or caliber when ordering.
Our uppers and lowers are forged from 7075-T611 aluminum.
Our 10.5" Direct Impingement Pistol runs a carbine gas with 5.56 NATO AND A Pistol gas system with 300BLK to give it reliability and versatility.
All of our Carriers go through a R.E.M Polish process prior to Titanium Nitride coating. The R.E.M Polish process reduces friction, improves part durability, improves oil retention, and improves contact & bending fatigue. Our Bolts are MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected) and coated in a durable titanium nitride finish.
Our Pro Forged Pistols are semi-ambidextrous. They standard with a fully adjustable 90/70 degree short throw safety selector and an extended magazine release to give you that perfect feel. Our charging handle is fully Ambi giving you complete control from either side.
All of our Pro Forged Models will come standard with a fully adjustable gas block to give you the ability to find tune your firearm while running suppressor or even while running higher pressure rounds.
This rifle runs our TYPE-A PMC Two-Stage Trigger. Constructed from pre-hardened 4140 this trigger is coated in QPQ to fight against friction and to ensure lubricity. The PMC Two-Stage Trigger ships at 1 1/2 reset to 3 1/2 trigger pull.

Quick Specs

CALIBER: 5.56 NATO or 300BLK
CLASSIFICATION: Pistol w/SB A3 Brace & Folder
HANDGUARD: 3 Options Available
GAS SYSTEM: Fully Adjustable
TRIGGER: 2-Stage
MUZZLE: ASR Suppressor Ready
BCG: TiN W/R.E.M Polish
OVERALL LENGTH: 26″ Buffer Tube to Threads
FIRE SELECTOR: Ambi-Short Throw Adjustable


This TYPE-A PRO is built on a ridged Pistol platform with proven components to make it an incredibly versatile firearm. The 10.5 PRO Pistol is equipped with a 10.5″ 416R lightweight contour stainless steel barrel. We also offer three different rail types including the SPR/9.875  MLOK Handguard, MK2/9.875 Slim Handguard, or MK/9.875 Quad Rail Handguard. All PRO models come with a SILENCERCO ASR muzzle to give it that aggressive stance. Fully furnished with B5 furniture, SB A3 pistol brace and 30 round capacity magazines. The TYPE-A 10.5 PRO Pistol is driven by our TYPE-A Titanium Nitride coated bolt carrier group w/R.E.M. Polish.  It’s also equipped with a 416R stainless steel (matte finish) fully adjustable gas block and our new TYPE-A PMC Straight 2-stage trigger to give it consistent reliability time after time.

NOTE:  All of our pistols are Hardcoat Anodized and then Cerakoted to give you a longer lasting more durable finish.  We wanted your rifle to wear to the anodized finish vs. the raw aluminum surface.  Just another added benefit making your rifle….TYPE-A.


Note: Any H-Series Cerakote can be sprayed.  There is a $50 up-charge if the color is not in our stock.

  • Magpul™ Olive Drab Green (H-232Q)
  • Magpul™ Flat Dark Earth (H-267Q)
  • Noveske™ Bazooka Green (H-189Q))
  • Tungsten (H-237Q)
  • SIG™ Dark Grey (H-210Q)




  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO or 300 BLACKOUT (**** This Pistol does not shoot both calibers.  Please Specify 5.56 NATO or 300BLK when ordering)
  • Length: TYPE-A 10.5″ Lightweight Contour Barrel
  • Gas block: 30 Position Adjustable Gas Block – 416R SS Matte Finish
  • Material: 416R Stainless Steel
  • Gas System: Carbine Length
  • Twist Rate: 1:7 twist
  • Finish: Matte Finish
  • Thread: 1/2×28 (5.56 Nato) or  5/8×24 (300BLK)
  • Muzzle Device: ASR Ready Muzzle Brake – 1/2×28 or 5/8×24


  • Platform: SPR GEN3 Precision Machined 7075-t6 Aluminum Upper Receiver with Extended Feed Ramps
  • Finish: Option
    • Black – MIL-A-8625, Type-III, Class 2
    • Color – Type-III Anodizing with Cerakote Ceramic Coatings
  • Charging Handle: TYPE-A Ambi Charging Handle

    • Semi-Auto Bolt Carrier
    • Gas Key (Staked)
    • Gas Key Hardened to USGI Specifications
    • Grade 8 Hardened Fasteners
    • Case Hardened, Shot Peened & MPI Tested
    • Extractor (Fully Assembled)


  • Platform: SPR GEN3 Precision Machined 7075-t6 Aluminum Lower Receiver
  • Finish: Option
    • Black – MIL-A-8625, Type-III, Class 2
    • Color – Type III Anodizing with Cerakote Ceramic Coatings
  • Trigger: TYPE-A CCS 2-Stage Straight Trigger (3.5lb.)
  • Extension: Carbine 6-Position Buffer Tube
  • End Plate: TYPE-A QD Single Point End Plate (4140 Pre-Hard)
  • Fire Selector: TYPE-A Ambi Billet 90°/45° Adjustable Short Throw Selector
  • Magazine Release: TYPE-A Extended Billet Mag Release
  • Lower Parts: Stainless Steel/Aluminum Detents & Springs


  • Platform: Option
    • TYPE-A SPR/9.875  M-LOK Handguard
    • TYPE-A MK2/9.875 Slim M-LOK Handguard
    • TYPE-A MK/9.875 Quad Rail Handguard
  • Finish: Option
    • Black – MIL-A-8625, Type-III, Class 2
    • Color – Type-III Anodizing with Cerakote Ceramic Coatings


  • Stock: SB TACTICAL SB A3 Pistol Brace – BLK
  • Grip: B5 P-Grip – BLK


  • Magazine: MAGPUL PMAG 30 AR/M Magazine
  • Soft Case: 36″ Soft Rifle Case
  • ****please note: All NFA rules apply. Please check with your local state laws.
  • ****Please note: Optic & Can not included


  • Magpul™ Olive Drab Green (H-232Q)
  • Magpul™ Flat Dark Earth (H-267Q)
  • Noveske™ Bazooka Green (H-189Q)
  • Tungsten (H-237Q)
  • SIG™ Dark Grey (H-210Q)


Firearm Type

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Gas System


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Barrel Length

  1. Andrew Thompson

    The flattest, smoothest shooting rifle I own. The fit and finish are great, the Tungsten Cerekote job is outstanding. The Type-A trigger is consistent and has a clean break every time. Type-A rifles are the best kept secrete in the industry.


    After owning the BG Defense, Type-A 10.5 PRO for over 3 years and running over 25K rounds through it, I can say with confidence, this is a blaster that everyone needs in their arsenal. It’s not a picky eater, (even though the fellas at BG Def hate what I’m about to say) out of those 25K rounds, nearly half of that has been steel cased from Wolf and Tula (55 gr.) and it has performed flawlessly. Not a single issue. And here’s the thing, it’s not over gassed at all and I have recently been running suppressed with the OSS HX-QD556. It has an adjustable gas block which is a huge benefit. Even though it comes tuned pretty much perfectly from BG Defense, you have the ability to play with the gas to make it run as soft (or not) as you want. So, after about 2 years of running this blaster, I decided to play with the gas since I’m now running suppressed and it runs insanely soft and smooth, while running steel cased and normal 55, 62,77gr ammo.
    BG Defense machines and assembles all main components in Grand Rapids, MI. Including, but not limited to uppers, lowers, hand rails, barrels, muzzle devices, safety selectors, charging handles, BCG’s, Even the triggers. Which is a smooth 2-stage flat trigger. One thing to note and not to be looked over is, there is absolutely no slop or movement between the upper and lower. If you’ve ever picked up a rifle and felt that little wiggle between your upper and lower, you know exactly how annoying that is. The barrel which is a 416r stainless is sub-MOA and performs extremely well. Easily making 300 yard shots from a 10.5” barrel nice and easy. Plainly stated, as soon as you pick up any of their rifles you can instantly feel the high level of quality and see the attention to detail that these guys are putting into their work.
    From an end user standpoint, I do not baby my firearms. They’re tools and that’s how I treat them. I’ll clean them when they need to be cleaned. Depending on conditions, that could be anywhere from 1-3k rounds. Sure, I could push it past that but, this is also at my bed side and go to rifle, so I want to make sure it will perform at its best. This blaster has been through some nasty weather conditions, subzero temps, snow, thick gritty mud and sand. It’s been banged off barrels, barricades, vehicles, rocks and while you can tell this blaster has been put to good use, it cleans up very well. While I’m not intentionally trying to break this rifle, it’s important to know and be confident in its ability to function and perform at a certain level. I think it goes without being said but, I’m very impressed by its overall ability to handle everything I have put it through so far. I’ve never had a catastrophic malfunction or any issues that caused the gun to go down. Outside of self-induced malfunctions during courses for training purposes, I’ve never had a single malfunction outside of dead primers from bad ammo.
    I have recently picked up one of their ambi billet designs with the slim rail and 13.7” 416r barrel. Needless to say I’m very excited to see how it performs as well.

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